Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher

Keric Morinaga

I was not always a yoga teacher. I graduated from UCLA and worked for over 12 years in the corporate world, including 7 years at Verizon Wireless. In 2002, I sustained a shoulder injury in the gym. As an alternative to lifting weights, I decided to try yoga. After one class, I realized that yoga offered much more than just a great workout. I quickly migrated out of the gym and into local yoga studios. Yoga quickly became my primary training for body, mind, and spirit. 

In my first year of practice, I studied a variety of different yoga styles. I discovered Anusara Yoga in 2003 and immediately decided to dedicate myself to this heart-opening practice. Founded by John Friend, Anusara Yoga blends a life-affirming Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with Universal Principles of Alignment. I started teaching yoga in 2006 and became a Certified Anusara Teacher in 2010.

I am also a 'certified' geek. I love comic books, video games, television, movies, and Star Wars. I am not a vegetarian. I don't drive a Prius. I like mixing cocktails and I enjoy working out with weights. I sometimes miss the corporate world. I am really just a regular guy, who loves to practice and teach yoga. I believe that there is a hero in all of us and yoga can unleash the full potential of the super spirit within! In my teaching, I strive to be creative and fun, helping students take their practices off of the mat and into their daily lives.